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they call me Rhinestone Riot

‘cause I’m always defying all the rules & regulations

all laws & legislation

yeah, I’m Rhinestone Riot

rebellion’s on my mind

I get what I want ‘cause I’m a fighter

don’t get in my line of fire


if I change, it’s a natural occurrence

it’s a habit

‘cause I’m dependent the first minute

& the next minute, I’m fine alone

uncertainty is what’s to wear

I change my clothes, I change my hair

if I see it, then I’ll take it

or make it ‘til I fake it


I’m the Rhinestone Riot

never could keep too quiet

when it came to what I know

I’m an expert by now

when I feel bad I just lie

it’s become one of my habits

I’m no status quo, aficionado

anyone I want


Rhinestone Riot!


I’m the Rhinestone Riot

decode my underlying meaning

take me for granted

kick me when I’m down & bleeding

Rhinestone Riot won’t take it lying down

I’ve put myself through worse

than any evil you can contrive


I’ve been known to hide my problems

in this season: camouflage

I’ve got to change into new clothes

unrelated to who I was

‘cause no one cares how I’m affected

in one day & out the next

so since I’m so expendable

I’m saving up to spend it all


Rhinestone Riot

never understood

why it happened to me all the time

or how I’m still alive

but I never really minded

when people didn’t hide it

when they hated me so much

I hate when they lie


Rhinestone Riot!


I’m the Rhinestone Riot

a brigade of one

I fit into no formalities

flaws are my qualities

if I fade, I’ll reignite

it’s become one of my habits

I’m a war, defiance, noncompliance

anything I want


Rhinestone Riot!


the only rules I ever break

are the ones I didn’t make

turning dust into glitter

since 14 November


& in spite of all my delusion

I’m the Rhinestone Revolution

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