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here, I’ve got the spindle to spin to make you talk

I may have mistaken it for one of your million parts

you’re made for war: a weapon of mass destruction

I always knew there’d be some assembly required

but I never once expected a whole entire body puzzle

I’m a romantic, not a mechanic


but maybe if you'd contribute cooperation

I wouldn’t sacrifice you to damnation

I’ll just use your head as flotation

if our vessel goes down in flames

if your brain could possibly manage to rationalize this disaster

we could finally fashion our ideal getaway and never look back

I’d let you take the reins

could even that make you stay?


Mr. Machine Man, what’s gotten you so militant?

for target practice you’re destroying my sentiments

I can’t reload fast enough to prepare the next shot

why can’t you be something different than this?

you’ve made me turn on myself and my life as a pacifist

would you be so kind as to put me out of my misery?


but truthfully, in the dullest times you incite excitement

when we yell and scream and throw things and fight

it just makes me feel like I’m living a life worth remembering

if we reached a compromise, I wouldn’t have a future

and in time all my wounds would make their own sutures

and I’d forget you ever shot me down

you sure have got a way to make me numb to the pain


maybe if my heart was stainless like yours

and if I wouldn’t be sussed out by your report

I’d be much happier

but for now, I’ll postpone my respite

does it make me a coward to give up the fight?

Mr. Machine Man, let me solve it in my own time

you’re giving me a countdown from 10

but you’re starting at 5

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